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Download Simplewall File Size Approx "1.5GB"

Install Simplewall

  1. Burn the downloaded Simplewall ISO image to a CD / DVD.
  2. Simplewall can be installed on any system with these
    minimum specifications

      Minimum specifications

    1. Dedicated Hardware/Virtual Machine with CD/DVD support
    2. Machine hardware must be x86 architecture supported
    3. RAM 2GB recommended
    4. Two Ethernet Network Interface
    5. Hard Disk SATA/PATA minimum 40GB
    6. Boot ISO from USB not supported in current version
    7. Simplewall is CentOS 5 custom build ISO.

    Note: Simplewall requires dedicated hardware / virtual machine. The installation will erase your hard drive so please ensure your HDD doesn't contain anything you need.

  3. Configure the Simplewall network with the Simplewall Command Line Tool.

    Note: Web interface is available on remote browser at

  4. Active Simplewall: Login to the web interface and click "Activate Simplewall". That's it.

    Note: Optionally, you can generate a license key by logging into your account on the Simplewall website here.

  5. Configure Simplewall with a quick configuration guide here.
  6. Have a Question? Need Help?

Have a Question? Need Help?