Simplewall installation

Take a quick look at Simplewall journey of how to get started with installation, photo & video backups. It’s dead easy!

Simplewall Registration

To register into a simplewall software Go to You will be redirected to the detailed page of registration where you need to enter all the details asked and click on submit button. Now the details will be emailed to you on your registered email address. You can directly download simplewall by click on donwload button. Registration part now you can finish on simplewall web interface.

Simplewall ISO Download

Download the ISO image using link (ISO images are updated as per release/updates if you have very old ISO be sure download latest)
  1. Alternate download link:
  2. Create bootable DVD from ISO image is simpler one. Refer following links to create USB key
  3. [ You may require to select driver: USB mass storage driver]

Simplewall Pre-Install Requirements

Minimal system requirements:

  • Dedicated hardware/virtual machine with cd/dvd support.
  • Hardware must be x86 architecture supported.
  • 2GB+ RAM (recommended).
  • Two Ethernet network interface.
  • 40GB (minimum) Hard disk drive SATA / PATA.
  • Note: Take a backup of your data as installation process will erase all the data on your DISK.

Requirement for Virtual Machines:

  • Refer
  • Virtual Machine Supported: KVM, XEN, Vmware HyperV
  • VM need virtual network NIC and 20GB HDD 2GB ram.
  • Configure virtual network adapter so that it can reach internet.

Simplewall Installation

  • boot from ISO DVD or USB key.
  • Installation is non-interactive wait for reboot message.
  • Install process will take max 30min depends on CPU cores and RAM.

Simplewall Post Installation

  • boot form HDD
  • login username: root password: better
  • Command line console
  • Network configuration
  • DNS
  • Web User Interface : https://[IP address]:8000
  • login Details:
    username: admin
    password: simplewall

Simplewall Trial registration from Web User Interface

  • Click on register button
  • Submit form with : email address and password used while registrations