Simplest way to protect

The simplest way to protect your small business network

The simplest way to protect your small business network

Benefits of Internet Filtering in Small Businesses

The internet has become an encyclopedia where you can get any and every information. There is a ton of information all good as well as bad. It depends on how you see it, how you perceive it and how you use it. Along with good and knowledgeable content, the bad and inappropriate content too exists. Certain types of websites and content are inappropriate for children,  teens, or for the workplace. What internet filters do is, they block such content. Implementing internet filters allow network administrators to limit or block content which they think & believe is inappropriate for viewing. There are many advantages of implementing internet filters in an organization. Some of those are listed below.

Internet filters allow system administrators and network administrators to apply a unified browsing policy across the organization. The internet filtering software include multiple features to allow an organization to specify a strict content filtering policy. System admins can specify a set of websites to block, or for a rigid control, they can even allow only the pre-approved sites for browsing.

Dangerous and malicious content like viruses, Trojan, malware, spyware etc. is all over the internet. Sometimes browsing a website can automatically download such content or malicious program, where the user isn't aware at all. These application run in the background and later cause disastrous results. At this point, Internet filters comes to the rescue. They block such doubtful websites and protect your network being attacked.

Internet filtering keep employees away from all sort of 'non-work related websites, which otherwise are distractions. These websites are social networking websites, gaming sited, online auction, dating, porn etc. As a business organization, you can block all this content. Blocking this content eventually results in increased employee productivity. It stops employees from wasteful surfing.

While browsing internet, there are chances that an employee can click a link that might lead or redirect him to a pornographic website or a gambling website. Internet filters allow system admins to block specific keyword(s) on the Internet along with pre-determined websites. This way system administrators can minimize the chances that the employees will click on such links that redirects them to a website with offensive content.

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