Simplest way to protect

The simplest way to protect your small business network

The simplest way to protect your small business network

Good things about Content Filtering

What is an internet filter and what is does? In simple words, an internet filter or a content filter is a program / software that blocks content viewed by people in a network. You might have encountered a situation where when you wanted to access some website and found that it is blocked by the network administrator. This is what content filters and internet filters do. They block specific content. Content filters also help network administrators in monitoring what kind of content is viewed on a particular computer or network. In our previous section we had discussed about disadvantages of Internet filters, however, in this section we will be discussing some good things about Internet filters


The best thing about internet filters and content filtering is that it keep employees away from all sort of 'non-work related websites, which otherwise are distractions. These websites are social networking websites, gaming sited, online auction, dating, porn etc. A business owner can block all this content. Blocking this content eventually results in increased employee productivity. It stops employees from wasteful surfing.


Privacy is one of the major concerns of the people in a network. We have seen many kinds of identity thefts happening in past where internet filters were not put to action. In an identity theft, hackers steal or get access to people's personal information and details and later use it to commit frauds or any other kind of illegal activity. Having internet filters installed in your network help you keep your identity safe and secure.


Safety is one of the most issue that internet filters address. It is a major concern be it a home network or a network in an organization. Content filters applied in an organization help network administrators protect their network from various disasters. It help parents to prevent their children from watching obscene and adult content on the internet. It also allow parents to block all websites that are not viable for children. Filtering web content & internet access protects them from many dangers.


Another very important issue which is addressed by internet filtering is help businesses to protect their business data. Having internet & content filters installed in an organization help businesses to keep their employees away from websites that are identified as 'non-work' related and might have potential security risks. The most important thing is to keep their customer data safe and secure. Any kind of customer information leak is dangerous for company's reputation.

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