Simplest way to protect

The simplest way to protect your small business network

The simplest way to protect your small business network

Understanding The Need for Content Filtering

Content filters refer to the program & software that help organizations and system administrators to restrict internet access and its content which is not related to work. Most of the companies and organizations that use internet have implemented some or the other kind of content filter to control what kind of content is to be viewed by the people in the network.

The main purpose of applying an internet filtering policy or content filtering policy is to block websites that have pornographic gaming, auction related content and monitor web activity of the people in the network who have access to internet.

Greater productivity

In a study it was found that almost "40% of employees’ activities are spent on non-work related activities". So the organizations that are losing valuable working hours can apply content filters to limit internet access for non-work related websites.

Degradation of network performance

Watching online videos, listening online music and constant downloading media files from the internet badly impact the network. It slows down pathetically. You may come across a situation where you may need to buy additional bandwidth to cope up. Instead apply content filters to limit or ban watching videos, downloading files and listening music.

Need for legal compliance

Downloading copyrighted media files like images, videos or music can take your organization into legal compliance. A content filtering policy puts your organization, office, school, college network in compliance with law. Your organization's content filtering policy helps to prevent possibilities of being held liable for illegal activities such as file sharing etc.

Growth in criminal activities

Content filtering makes sure that none of your employee use company resources to break the law and help liable for any kind of illegal activity. Content filters help you monitor their internet activity.

Protection against loss of data

System administrators and business owners have to make sure that their company's vital information is not at risk. Content filters allow system admins to store & protect customer records and other proprietary information.

Enforcement of an acceptable use policy

The best way to enforce employees to abide by the rules and regulation of the company policy, ask them to sign 'Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)'. It is a set of rules and regulations that all employees are required to sign regarding their behavior for using their PC and access to the internet.

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