Simplest way to protect

The simplest way to protect your small business network

The simplest way to protect your small business network

Why monitor employee's internet use?

Using internet at workplaces these days is very common. Today, we are living in a technology driven world where businesses as well as education and other industries have gone global. Employees of a multinational company interact with each other on day to day basis regardless of the fact that they are in two different corners of the world. But, like a coin has two sides, technology comes in with added disadvantages as well. In an organization, it is very important for an employee to have internet access and be online during his work hours. And this is nothing unusual. But, not every employee is dedicated and determined to wisely use internet for work related purpose only. He may use it for leisure as well. This is when an organization must mandatory implement internet usage policies by blocking every website which they think is not required. There are many reasons to state as to why an organization must monitor employee internet use, some of them are listed below.

To increase & channelize Productivity

Who doesn't want to improve and increase an employee's productivity, am sure you to want it, right? By monitoring your employee's internet use, you can do that. Channel your employee's productivity during working hours by keeping him away from distractions. Distractions like watching online videos, listening music, playing games, chatting, social networks etc. Occasional browsing is fine during lunch hours and coffee breaks but too much time spent on non-official internet browsing shouldn't be acceptable.

To make better use of time

When you channelize employee productivity, you eventually make better use of time. Remember, the employees of an organization are its assets and keeping them on track is what your sole objective is. Instead of given them access to browse social networking sites, involve them in training programs and encourage them to participate in activities that refresh their skills.

To negate legal liabilities

For an organization the biggest risk is being involved in an illicit activity. To cope up with legal compliance, an organization must monitor their employee's internet activity and keep a close watch on every employee. Specifically on the ones in doubt. To keep away from any kind of legal problem, monitor your employee's internet use.

To protect company reputation

When an employee is found involved in any kind of illegal activity or any other controversial issue like post an objectionable status update, uploading or downloading photos that are antithetical to corporate policies and are "not safe for work", the company's reputation is at stake. Such activities can badly harm your corporate image and brand reputation.

To reap financial savings

When in your organization each and every employee is working proficiently productive, you can save a lot of money. Productive employees mean less money is being wasted on non-work related websites. Increased productivity ensures that your employees are able to achieve their targets and meet deadlines in time ( or get closer to achieve targets). Plus a considerable amount of money is saved by avoiding litigation and legal cases resulting in long-term financial savings.

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