Simplest way to protect

The simplest way to protect your small business network

The simplest way to protect your small business network

Why You Must Monitor Employee Internet?

In an organization where every employee has an access to internet, it becomes very critical to the system administrators to keep a watch on what employees are doing, what they are watching and what kind of files they are sharing. It is very important because if any of the employee is found guilty of any illegal activity, the company too have to bare the consequences. Legal action will be taken against the employee and company as well. So, in order to keep away from such situations and abide by the legal compliance, a company must monitor employee's internet activity. Also, blocking inappropriate content and non-work related website can help businesses reduce bandwidth use. By blocking music, videos, file sharing etc, the company then can optimize bandwidth usage and put it to productive use.

Here's Why You Must Monitor Employee Internet

Misusing any of these i.e. computer or internet connection, is not acceptable. The system administrators must monitor what employees are doing on the systems provided by company. Also keep a check on his internet activity. If an employee is found using company's computer for personal use or company's internet connection for personal use, he should be warned.

In our previous posts we discussed that keeping an employee away from non-work related website can increase his productivity and efficiency. internet filters and internet monitoring play a major role here. Non-work related websites are a distraction for an employee, so blocking such content can keep him focused for a long time.

In an organization there are two types of employees; one who are laser focused on their tasks and others who are less productive and lazy to achieve targets. The moral of the employees who fail to achieve their targets is generally low. Distraction from the tasks given is their main problem. So, in order to keep them focused on the tasks and targets, don't allow them to distract. Block each and every website that distracts them from achieving their targets.

Monitoring employee internet stop trade secrets and confidential matters from leaving your company. This is one of the biggest reason why you must monitor employee internet activity. Internet filters in an organization limit or restrict employees from sharing & downloading files that may contain your trade secrets. It also doesn't allow them to download any pirated music or video files.

The fact is, internet is a big market for pornographic industry and because of which many companies have face troubles dealing with lawsuits and legalities. There have been many sexual harassment cases related to employees downloading or viewing sexual material on company computers. So filtering software can be of great help in reducing risks & possibilities of legal exposure. Keeping a close watch on employee internet usage can help organizations protect themselves from sexual harassment defamation and illegal activities.

Monitoring employee internet help network administrators to prepare against all possible security, malware, spyware and virus attacks. If in an organization, employees use internet extensively, then the network administrators understands what kind of the security risks we (the network & the organization) are exposed to. If there are some websites that can be blocked (sites which are not related to work) will be blocked. But if the risk is from work related websites, then administrator can take necessary action.

While monitoring employee internet, a system administrator is aware of the risks involved when employees are browsing internet for most of the time. The Systems Department of the organization can make necessary changes in the network itself to fight with these possible risks. Through monitoring they can come up with some guidelines, policies and filters that can protect network as well as computers.

Monitoring employee internet also helps system administrators to understand where and how much bandwidth is used in what kind of activities. Looking at the activities, system administrators can prioritize tasks which are most important and allocate a dedicated bandwidth. The tasks which are least important can take a back seat for a while. And the tasks which acquire bandwidth and are not related to work can be blocked complete to create room.

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